Stephanie Nordlund


30,000 Years of Art


Title: 30,000 Years of Art, New Edition, Mini Format: The Story of Human Creativity Across Time & Space

Editor/Publisher: Phaidon

Date: 2019

Topic: Art History

Best for: Newcomers to art history

Focus: Art History, Fine Art, Global Art

Page length: 639 pages

There’s something about a hot pink cover that immediately draws you in, and I don’t even like pink. I was happy I stopped and looked at this beauty because it’s a great book. 30,000 Years of Art covers art starting with Lion Man of Hohlenstein-Stadel, 28,000 BC and ending with Austin by Elsworth Kelly, 2016 (an inclusion I’m very happy with). The book showcases beautiful photographs of the artworks, and each edge has essential quick reference info including the artwork’s origin, title, artist, and current location (see images below). I personally bought 30,000 Years of Art to easily pull artworks from and quickly see how art develops. This is a great teaching reference for you art teachers out there. :)


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